Online school of self-discovery, events, courses and media for those wanting to do better for themselves and the planet.

Who Are We

The Curiosity Club is a self-discovery and personal development school and community on a mission to help more people embrace and harness their humanness whilst staying resilient to the challenges of modern life.

What We Do

Through our courses, podcast, events, features and membership platform, we provide the life lessons you weren’t taught in school about your mindset, habits, emotions, personal growth and much more. 

Through our Curiosity Curriculum we explore the taboo and awkward topics that make us human and how to live a better life as your full self. Our courses and membership teach the psychology, wellbeing and personal development concepts and methodologies

Why We Exist

We’re facing a lot of challenges in the modern world; from the climate crisis to social inequality and rising costs of living. Now, more than ever, we need to be resilient in the face of adversity and learn how to advocate for what we believe in. We exist because we believe that in order to create a better world to live in, we must first create a better world within ourselves. We show our students and community how to do this.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where we all have the confidence, self-understanding and resilience to be the person we want to be, stand up for what we believe in, and where we’re more supportive and connected to one another. We see a world where no one feels ashamed or alone in the experiences that make us human and we all have in common, and where everyone is empowered with a self-toolbox that they can dip into when they hit a bump in the road that is life. 


Catri is a Certified Life Coach, Wellbeing Expert, Mentor and founder of The Curiosity Club, an online self-discovery school, community, and media and events platform helping people embrace and harness their humanness. 

After experiencing a mental breakdown in her early twenties and feeling totally overwhelmed and burnt out by modern life, Catri desperately sought out ways to help herself. She jumped head first into self-discovery and personal development in any way she could. Spending hundreds of hours watching Youtube videos, Ted Talks, and wading through (often really boring and cringey) self-help books.

It was a slow and frustrating process, but Catri slowly transformed her mental health, confidence and happiness by getting to know and understand herself. Knowing why she behaved, thought and felt the way she did, and learning the skills to manage them, had ultimately saved her life. She couldn’t shake the question: Why weren’t we taught this stuff in school?

Over the last eight years Catri has worked as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Holistic Practitioner and is one of the UK’s leading Life Coaches. Catri’s mission is to make personal development fun and relatable, without strict rules that suck the joy out of life and leaving the cringey woo-woo at the door.

With over twenty six thousand downloads to date, Catri started The Curiosity Club as a podcast in 2019. In Spring 2022, she founded the online platform and school with the mission to provide life lessons exploring humanness and how to stay resilient to modern life whilst building a greater sense of community and togetherness.