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Real stories from real people told with unflinching honesty. Our personal stories give voice to the topics that need to be talked about; shedding light on the awkward, the embarrassing and the inspirational. If you’ve ever felt like you’re the only one going through it, take a read to feel less alone in your experiences.


How my cat helped me kick my alcohol addiction

After she was raped, Lucia Osborne-Crowley turned to alcohol to numb all the feelings that bubbled to the surface. She also found solace in the words of other women as she plucked books at random from her shelves. Until a kitten came into her life – and, so it turned out, saved it too

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Am I black enough?

Following a flippant comment in group therapy, writer Chloe Lovell felt her entire identity unraveling. She’s black and mixed-race, but has often found her blackness called into question — not black enough, not white enough, too posh, too ghetto. Here she unpicks a lifetime of memories and the challenges she has faced…

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Overcoming my fear of being naked

After years of covering himself, pulling down his top if his torso became exposed, a t-shirt clinging to his skin in the swimming pool and drunken hookups in the dark, Oscar Easton let go of his shame, covered his self-harm scars with tattoos and learnt how to accept his naked body.

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Type one diabetes took years off my sex life

Writer Eleanor Noyce was loving being seventeen, until a type one diabetes diagnosis – and the need to use an insulin pump – knocked her confidence and led her sex life through a drought. In this essay, she explores how queer dating helped her find her sexiness again.

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PCOS is a battleground for body acceptance

After being diagnosed with complex pcos, writer Katie Baskerville’s body changed. With that, came a difficult disconnection and crisis of confidence to overcome. In this essay, she explores what it means to love yourself when your body becomes unfamiliar to you.

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